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The LOAD-A-PUP, like most products, came from fulfilling a need. My dog Molly had the need to jump in the water for a swim at every opportunity, while I had the need to get her back in the boat when she was through.

So, I combined the idea of a tree stand for hunting, with a piece of construction equipment that is used daily by millions of contractors.

I am the Inventor and the 1st Distributor. It has been five years from the drawing board to have a product ready for you. If you try the LOAD-A-PUP once, you'll be hooked for life.


I've used the LOAD-A-PUP for four years, and it is unbelievable! My dog dives in, swims around then climbs back aboard at her leisure! She needs no help whatsoever. Many times there is no one on the boat but her. I could not think of a better investment for your dog and your boat than the...

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