Salty Dog

Load-a-pup Salty Dog - For Saltwater Use

If your main boating is done on any saltwater  body of water, you probably will want the
"Load-a-pup Salty Dog" model.

The same great Load-a-pup, with all stainless steel hardware, including all cables, built to handle the harshness of a saltwater environment.

So if you spend your leisure on the high seas, this Load-a-pup is the one for you!


Salty Dog Conversion kit.
Convert the standard LP500 Load-a-pup into your own saltwater model.
This kit contains all the stainless hardware and cables, to easily do your own conversion.

Load-A-Pup Angle Kit (for ladders with rungs up to 5" wide)

Load-A-Pup Platform Adapter Kit (for ladders up to 24" wide)

Stainless steel

cables and all the Stainless Steel hardware. 
To stand up to the Salt water abuse and corrosion.